Helping You Make the Right Choice When Purchasing Property

If you are looking to purchase a property I can help you make a successful transaction and ensure that you made the right choice for investment.

Buying Homes Made Easier

When purchasing a property, here are some items to consider:

Know Your Credit Score

Your credit score will determine what interest rate you will pay and the amount you can borrow. You can obtain a free credit report from

Financing Your Future Home

If you are financing your home, it is best to get preapproved for your loan. It is not the same as being "prequalified." By getting preapproval, your lender will tell you exactly how much you can afford, based on your down payment, credit score, and interest rate.

Set Your Budget

Whether purchasing for cash or financing your home, you should set up a budget to know what your cost of ownership will be. Keep in mind that your monthly mortgage payment may not include property taxes, property insurance, HOA fees, and other charges.

Keep a Broad Perspective

Make a list of elements that are most important to you in your future home. Think about what you like and dislike in your current living situation. Look at the "bones" of a potential home - if the layout and location suit your needs. Minor cosmetic issues are easily remedied after purchase.

Have Your Paperwork Ready

If you are financing your future purchase, you will need relevant information available to complete the transaction (such as pay stubs, bank statements, investments.) Having these items ready at the outset will help make the close of escrow easier and quicker.

Handling an Offer

When you have found the house to purchase, I will help you review comparable sales for similar homes in the area. Keep in mind that you can offer whatever you think is reasonable.

Finding the Right Price

The seller may make a counteroffer or may reject your offer entirely. If your price is unreasonably low, it may be considered "insulting" to the seller. It is vital that you feel comfortable with the money you are committing. Aside from the dollar commitment, the purchase contract will have specific terms that both buyer and seller must agree on.


The escrow company will ensure compliance with the terms of the purchase agreement. During the process, you will have specified periods to wire the down payment, complete inspections, make requests for repairs, and to complete the purchase process. Be ready to sign many forms, and most filled out electronically.


During escrow, you will have a specified amount of time to complete inspections of the property. It is essential to have the process done by a professional who can identify existing and potential problems. As a result, you may request repairs or other consideration from the seller to complete the purchase.

Down Payment Resources

California Association of Realtors provides a resource for those looking for information about down payment resources.

Reach Out to Me

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